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TRADITIONAL SHRIMP COCKTAIL Served with spicy cocktail sauce and lemon wedges

SOUTH OF THE BORDER SHRIMP Tex-Mex cocktail shrimp, marinated in a ceviche sauce. New and absolutely delicious!

OYSTERS ON THE HALF SHELL Selected fresh for extra endurance. Served on ice with our spicy cocktail
sauces. 1/2 Dozen /  Baker’s Dozen

COLD CRAB “LOUIE” Gulf Coast crabmeat served with avocado slices on a bed of lettuce and our own
“Louie” dressing surrounded by tomato wedges and a hard boiled egg

OYSTERS ROCKEFELLER Fresh from the Gulf. Made with The Barn Door’s own creamed spinach.
1/2 Dozen

CRAB CAKES (2) Gulf Coast crabmeat cakes served with lemon caper remoulade

STUFFED MUSHROOMS Six caps stuffed with Gulf Coast crabmeat, topped with mozzarella cheese, and
broiled to perfection!

SKINNY ONION RINGS Cut extra thin and deep-fried to perfection. Enough for two!  1/2 order

LAURA’S DATES Large seeded dates, stuffed with blue cheese and diced almonds, wrapped in bacon and fried. Unique and delicious. Six to an order

BACON WRAPPED CHICKEN POPPERS Grilled chicken wrapped in bacon. Served mild or spicy

CRABMEAT STUFFED JALAPEÑOS Fried and served with cocktail sauce and lemon wedges. 1/2 Dozen

CHICKEN DRUMMIES You pick your heat

FRIED JALAPEÑOS Stuffed with cream cheese or cheddar cheese and fried to a golden brown.
Served with Ranch dressing. 1/2 Dozen

CRISPY FRIED MOZZARELLA STICKS Served with marinara sauce

FRIED MUSHROOMS Served with cream gravy


Homemade salad dressings include: Ranch, Thousand Island, Blue Cheese, Vinaigrette,
Honey Mustard, and our Creamy Garlic (very rich, not for the faint hearted)

CAESAR SALAD Hearts of romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, seasoned croutons and our special
Caesar dressing Add chicken strips

MOZZARELLA, TOMATOES, & PIMENTOS Thick slices of mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and juicy red
pimento peppers marinated in olive oil, covered with our secret spice blend and dressed with olive oil
and red wine vinegar

GREEK SALAD The “Real Thing” (Bill Tassos’ Greek family recipe). Thick slices of ripe red tomatoes, sweet
onion slices, salad peppers, Greek olives and feta cheese, swimming in olive oil and red wine vinegar

CHICKEN SALAD PLATE Our homemade chunky chicken salad, with capers served on a bed of lettuce
with avocado and an assortment of crisp marinated vegetables

CHEF’S SALAD The Best of the Barn Door, all in one salad! A blend of fresh salad greens, strips of
tender sirloin, juicy ham, chicken, avocado, tomatoes, diced potatoes, diced red onion, croutons and
topped with grated cheddar

TENDERLOIN SALAD Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and warm tenderloin served with
our jalapeño vinaigrette

SOUP AND SALAD A blend of garden fresh salad greens with choice of dressing and a bowl of our
homemade soup of the day


All dinners include: a crisp garden fresh salad, choice of baked, fried,
mashed, or hash brown potatoes and homemade hot rolls.

Our butcher shop steaks are cut from the finest beef, aged to add flavor and tenderness
and naturally broiled over a mesquite and charcoal fire. We will prepare any steak:
blackened, rolled in black peppercorn or smothered in jalapeños.
We will cut any steak larger for your dining pleasure -

LADY’S FILET (6oz.) Wrapped in bacon – milady just loves this steak

MEDIUM FILET (8oz.) Wrapped in bacon – not too small, not too big, just right!

BLUE RIBBON FILET(12oz.) Wrapped in bacon – the Big Daddy of our filet department
(the appetite killer)

CHATEAU BRIAND (For Two) Cut for those who like to share. We will cut and cook this for
any number of people. Just ask

CLUB STEAK (12oz.) Special Top Sirloin – the prime cut of the top butt

THE RIBEYES Heart of goodness. Lady’s (10oz.) / Gentleman’s (14oz.)

BONE-IN RIBEYE (18oz.) A true “Cowboy” steak

THE NEW YORK CUT STRIPS King of the Road and the best the cow has to offer.
Lady’s (10oz.) /  Gentleman’s (18oz.)

CHOPPED SIRLOIN (12oz.) Wrapped in bacon – a steak that a person with new plates will enjoy

CHOPPED SIRLOIN CON QUESO (12oz.) Same as above only topped with spicy chile con queso,
sliced avocado and pico de gallo

PEPPER STEAK Thin slices of tenderloin, peppered and smothered in jalapeños.
For those who like it hot!

CHICKEN FRIED RIBEYE (10oz.) This one speaks for itself with cream gravy & mashed potatoes.
No mystery meat here, just ribeye steak!

T-BONE (16oz.) Large and thick. All the goodness of the steer. Will suit the appetite to a “T”

PORTERHOUSE (24oz.) Same as above only larger!


RACK OF LAMB Whole “Baby Frenched” rack imported from New Zealand for our menu.
Grilled over charcoal and served with mint jelly


Any of our seafood dishes can be blackened for an additional
All seafood is subject to Gulf Coast availability.

FRIED GULF COAST OYSTERS Fried in cornmeal. 1⁄2 Dozen Baker’s / Dozen
CRISPY FRIED QUESO CATFISH FILET Tender filet topped with queso, garnished with spicy pico de gallo, includes hush puppies and a side of our homemade coleslaw

FRESH TROUT FILETS The best of the trout – butterflied, sauteed boneless

CRAB CAKES (3) Gulf Coast crabmeat cakes served with lemon caper remoulade

CHARCOAL BROILED JUMBO SHRIMP Jumbos broiled to perfection on Sonny’s grill.
Served with butter and lemon wedges

FRIED JUMBO SHRIMP Fried jumbo shrimp served with tartar sauce or spicy cocktail sauce

GRILLED FRESH SALMON Atlantic salmon flown in fresh, tasty and healthy, grilled or broiled
with lemon sauce

GRILLED AMBERJACK Fresh cut 8oz. filet, grilled over a mesquite fire

OUR SPECIAL SEAFOOD PLATTER All broiled – nothing fried for the diet conscious, prepared in a light
pesto sauce. Shrimp, scallops, fresh fish filet and shrimp cocktail served with lemon wedges

FRIED SEAFOOD PLATTER Filet of fish, scallops, and fried shrimp, fried oysters, deviled crab,
jalapeño hush puppies and shrimp cocktail. A plate that will satisfy all seafood lovers


CALVES’ LIVER AND ONIONS Sautéed calves’ liver and caramelized onions and bacon strips

FRIED CHICKEN LIVERS OR GIZZARDS Deep fried & served with cream gravy. Added to our menu
especially for the notorious “South Texas Jackhammer”

CHARCOAL BROILED CHICKEN One half chicken, charcoal broiled. If you’ve never tried our chicken,
you’ve missed a tasty treat

CHARCOAL BROILED CHICKEN BREAST BONELESS – all white. The heart of all the goodness that
the feathered fowl has to offer

CHICKEN FRIED CHICKEN BREAST Deep-fried, whole chicken breast covered with
our homemade cream gravy

BARN DOOR MIXED GRILL One marinated semi-boneless quail, a 4oz. bacon wrapped filet and
bratwurst link all grilled over charcoal and mesquite

BARN DOOR SMOKED COUNTRY SAUSAGE Served with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes

GRILLED CHICKEN OR SHRIMP PASTA Made with fresh herbs, tomatoes and white wine
cream sauce, tossed with Parmesan cheese and scallions

TENDERLOIN EN BROCHETTE (Shish Kabob) Tenderloin, bell pepper, onions and mushrooms
served over rice

SONNY’S COMBO Medium filet and charcoal broiled shrimp with lemon wedge and drawn butter

QUAIL Semi-boneless, marinated and charcoal broiled to perfection on Sonny’s grill.
( 2 ) (3)


*POTATOES – baked, mashed or fried


*HASH BROWNS with onions



“JP” TWICE BAKED POTATO – re-stuffed with bacon bits, sour cream, butter and jalapeños,
smothered with melted cheddar cheese

HOTTER POTATO with serrano peppers, green onions, bacon, butter

MUSHROOMS in wine & butter





ONION RINGS – thin cut (yummy)



* Comes with most entrees




SOFT DRINKS (1 refill please)

TEA – hot or iced


Special service charges: split plate, Tables of 8 or more – 15% gratuity added.

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